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Veterans and benefits

Veterans and Benefits

Check this section for information about what you need for veterans benefits and how VetsHQ can help:
• 3 elements needed for a service connection
• The 5 pathways to determine a service connection
• Health care enrollment for combat veterans
• Do you know your benefits eligibility?


Agent Orange herbicide exposure

Agent Orange and Herbicides

Our new, comprehensive section on herbicide exposure for Vietnam-era veterans.
• What you need to know about benefits
• Associated conditions and diseases
• Blue water, brown water, C-123 veterans
• Lists of ships, herbicide testing and storage sites


Burn pit exposure

Burn Pit Exposure

VetsHQ’s new, comprehensive section on burn pit exposure for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.
• What you need to know about benefits
• Associated conditions and diseases
• Download research, studies and fact sheets
• Locations where burn pits were operated


Fort McClellan

Fort McClellan’s Toxic Cocktail

A timeline looking at sixty years of PCBs and other exposures.


Gulf War Syndrome - veterans benefits eligibility assessment

Gulf War Syndrome

An estimated 250,000 Gulf War veterans have multisymptom illnesses.


Camp Lejeune groundwater contamination timeline

Camp Lejeune Toxic Water timeline

For more than three decades, Marines and their families at the base face an unseen enemy.



Institute of Medicine: C-123 Airmen Were Exposed to Agent Orange

In an important and vindicating report for C-123 airmen and their families, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academies has released a report stating the airmen were exposed to toxic herbicides, including Agent Orange. The recently released report finds that Air Force Reserve members who flew the C-123s between 1972 and 1982, may be at risk for developing diseases and conditions related to AO. Read More

C-123 airmen exposed to Agent Orange

  • Veterans GOOD NEWS for March 27
    Veterans GOOD NEWS for March 27

    Veterans groups support offering troops 401(k)-style retirement plan ( Organizations that represent U.S. combat veterans are getting behind a controversial proposal to offer troops a 401(k)-style retirement plan. Officials from the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States...

  • Veterans news update for March 27
    Veterans news update for March 27

    Nearly 100,000 veterans prescribed dangerous tranquilizer-opiate combo ( Nearly 100,000 veterans currently are receiving prescriptions for both tranquilizers and narcotic painkillers from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, a potentially deadly combination that is explicitly discouraged by agency guidelines....

  • Army apologizes to vets affected by chemical weapons in Iraq
    Army apologizes to vets affected by chemical weapons in Iraq

    Months after revelations that U.S. soldiers were not adequately treated for exposure to chemical weapons in Iraq, the Army’s under secretary has apologized to those service members. Along with that apology by Under Secretary Brad Carson comes a commitment...


The Dollar Value of Your Benefits:
Your Need-to-Know Calculators

Disability payments COLA calculator

How much will your disability pay increase for cost-of-living in 2015?

The government has announced a 1.7 percent increase for veterans disability payments. Use our calculator to determine how much your total net income will be with this adjustment.


Military retirement pay

What if VA benefits were deducted from your military retirement pay?

The Congressional Budget Office says it’s an option to lower the military retirement annuity by the amount you receive in VA disability payments. How much would you lose?


veterans disability payments

What if the government taxed your disability benefits as income?

It hasn’t happened, but a Congressional Budget Office report says it’s an option open to Congress. Use our calculator to estimate how much less you’d have in net income.


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Veterans Benefits Assessment

VetsHQ provides clear guidance about the benefits every veteran may be entitled to receive. VetsHQ cuts through jargon, conflicting instructions, and requirements that can make anyone dizzy. Using a dynamic questionnaire, VetsHQ walks the veteran through the veterans benefits claims assessment process.

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