The DIVE Model

The cornerstone to VetsHQ is the Dynamic Integrated Veterans Entitlement™ model, or DIVE™. Using DIVE™, veterans answer a simple series of questions about themselves, including military service, and from this front-end questionnaire, DIVE™ identifies the benefits and entitlements that the veteran is likely to be entitled to receive.

Dynamic = Instantly responsive to each answer the veteran enters into the questionnaire

Integrated = Saves time in preparing all possible VA forms; enter the information once, populate all applicable forms with one click

Veterans = Accessible and available to all veterans and their family members, advocates, caregivers and representatives

Entitlements = Based on veteran responses, flags any benefits the veteran or family members may be eligible to receive

Like TurboTax® , DIVE™ offers a simplified method of entering data one time and populating all applicable forms with one easy click. If the veteran chooses this method, not only does it avoid the repetitive task of entering and reentering the same information — not to mention potential for error — it also uses that data to guide the veteran to those benefits likely to be a good match, given their personal service history and any supplemental information.

Once DIVE™ assesses a potential match, the veteran sees an icon onscreen that informs them to complete additional specific sections of the questionnaire. DIVE™ includes sections for all major U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs-administered benefits, including home loans, compensation, life insurance, education, transition assistance, heath care and medical treatment, indemnity compensation, rehabilitation, survivor benefits, and burial benefits.

If the veteran chooses, DIVE™ will automatically fill in any of the 173 VA forms completed by the veteran and packages the forms and proof documents into one complete file. The file is then placed in the VetsHQ Vault™ where it is securely stored.