How VetsHQ Works

VetsHQ Veterans Benefits Assessment

VetsHQ is an online community for America’s servicemen and women, providing a variety of services
to help meet your needs. Here, you will find information from experts and your fellow veterans about
employment opportunities, information affecting veterans and families, how to work with the Department of
Veterans Affairs, veterans benefits eligibility assessment, and much more.

VetsHQ’s veterans benefits assessment tool will help you identify which benefits you might qualify to receive
and give you access to the information you will need in order to prepare and submit your claim for benefits
with the VA. Based on your answers to a short questionnaire, VetsHQ will generate a tailored list of benefits
for which you may qualify. Should you decide to submit a claim, VetsHQ will provide links to the necessary forms,
which you can fill out and submit, either electronically or by mail.

It is important to understand that you are responsible for preparing and submitting your own claims for benefits.
But VetsHQ will give you the tools you need to take the next step and will identify accredited organizations
that provide free claims certification and legal services should you require additional, individualized assistance.

Here’s how VetsHQ works:



The information you provide on the VetsHQ questionnaires will be used to identify a list of benefits that may be of interest to you. You should read all of the information about these benefits carefully and decide whether you wish to apply.

Tailored List of Benefits

As a member, you’ll be able to get additional information about the type of benefit selected and who qualifies for it. If you believe that you qualify for a benefit and you decide to apply, a link to the necessary questionnaire and forms are provided to you.


The answers you provide on questionnaires will auto populate any applicable forms for benefits. Or, you may choose to fill out a blank form . Whichever method you decide, double-check the information on your forms for accuracy.


Once you have prepared your claim for benefits, you may choose to print it out and mail in to the VA, along with any supporting documents required. Or you will be able to choose a claims coach or a Veterans Service Officer who can assist you with the filing process.

How VetsHQ works