Veterans and Benefits

It’s about
quality of life.

Even the smallest of benefits can mean so much. It’s about a woman, recently widowed and living in Pennsylvania, looking for a small burial benefit but finding out that her husband’s fatal cancer was service-connected. Instead of receiving a one-time benefit she will now get thousands of dollars a year as a surviving spouse. It’s about a Vietnam veteran, diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, receiving an additional $300 per month because his
disease is service-connected to the toxic herbicide Agent Orange. It’s about a service member, just out of the Army, making use of the Post-9/11 GI Bill and states where he will receive in-state tuition, meaning he can live, study and work toward a new life-long career. Each benefit, earned by every veteran in service to their country, can be personally assessed for the veteran and their beneficiaries on VetsHQ — quickly, easily, efficiently.

Welcome to VetsHQ, an online community for America’s servicemen and women. VetsHQ provides a variety of services to help meet your individual needs.  Here, you will find information from experts and your fellow veterans about employment opportunities, retirement planning, how to work with the Veterans Administration, benefits available to veterans, and much more.  VetsHQ’s Claims Management Services Center will help you identify what benefits you might qualify for and give you free access to the information you will need in order to prepare and file your claim for benefits with the VA.  Based on your answers to a short questionnaire, VetsHQ will generate a tailored list of benefits for which you may qualify.  Should you decide to file a claim, VetsHQ will provide links to the necessary forms, which you can fill out and submit, either electronically or by mail.  It is important to understand that you are responsible for preparing and filing your own claims for benefits. But VetsHQ will give you the tools you need to take the next step and will identify accredited organizations that provide free legal services should you require additional, individualized assistance.

VA Choice ProgramIt’s about veteran choice. Do you live within 40 miles of a VA hospital or clinic?

Use our VetsHQ Choice Locator to help determine if you may be eligible to receive health care outside of the VA system. Click here to locate your nearest VA facility.

Want to know more? Check out each of these sections below for information about what you need for veterans benefits and how VetsHQ can help.

Elements of a service-connected disability

Do you have a service-connected disability?

There are three elements, a rule of three, that must be present for the VA to recognize it.


5 paths to a service connection

There are 5 pathways to a service connection

A veteran can take multiple routes to establishing a service connection for their condition.


Fully Developed Claim

Fully Developed Claim, Unraveled

The story behind those EZ forms and what you need to know to make the most of your claim.


Physician Medical Statement

Download Physician Medical Statement

You can take this form to a physician or specialist to help determine if a service connection exists between current health condition(s) and military service.


VA health care enrollment

VA health care enrollment for combat veterans

OEF/OIF/OND veterans are eligible for free health care from the VA for five years after discharge.


Agent Orange herbicide exposure

Exposure to Agent Orange and herbicides

What you need to know about benefits and entitlements if you’re a Vietnam-era veteran.



Surviving spouse benefits eligiblity

Surviving spouse benefits eligibility

A look at the various benefits available and eligibility rules for surviving spouses of veterans.


Veterans life events

Benefits tie to a
veteran’s life events

From the time you exit active duty service throughout your life, benefits are there for you.


Make veterans aware of available benefits

Do you know your benefits eligibility?

There are many veterans who are unaware of the benefits they’re entitled to receive.


How VetsHQ works

Here’s how VetsHQ works
for veterans and families

If you’ve got 10 minutes, you can get an instant read on benefits you may qualify to receive.


Accessible veteran information

What is a self-directed service? Why do I need it?

VetsHQ tips the scales toward veterans, families who need basic understanding of benefits and the process.


Appreciating the safety net of benefits

Appreciating the safety net of veterans benefits

Benefits represent a lifeline to an improved standard of living and quality of life.


Check out our Knowledge Ninja for more information and frequently asked questions about veterans and benefits.