Veterans and Life Events

Veterans Benefits and Life Events.

Benefits aren’t a one-time occurrence. Veterans can use VA benefits throughout many stages of their lives. Benefits are there when the veteran needs them.

Transition Assistance

  • Services to transition to work, life and home post-military
  • Pre-separation counseling
  • Unemployed veterans may qualify for additional vocational rehabilitation and employment benefits

The trigger for the veteran with this benefit is the veteran’s initial exit from the military.

Education & Training

  • Deciding on Post-9/11 GI Bill, Montgomery GI Bill or other VA education programs
  • Applying for school
  • Reimbursement for books and a monthly living allowance
  • On-the-job apprenticeship
  • Non-college degree programs
  • Tutorial assistance
  • Workstudy

Multiple possible triggers exist for the veteran, including initial application for education benefits, submission of maintenance forms, application for various reimbursements (which can be as often as monthly submissions).


  • Tax-free monetary benefit paid to veterans with disabilities
  • Claims may be filed for service members within 180 days of exit from military
  • In-service, post-service and special circumstances claims
  • Secondary claims for disabilities that developed because of a service-connected condition

Several possible triggers exist for the veteran on this benefit, including the initial application for compensation, possible claim(s) for increased benefits or annual income reports (if required).

Home Loans & Housing Adaptations

  • Home loan guarantees can be used many times over a veteran’s life, either for the purchase or refinancing of a home
  • Adapted housing grants are available to veterans with a permanent and total service-connected disability (may be used for home purchase or modification)
  • Cash-out refinance loans are available to veterans to take cash out of their home equity for paying off debt or making home improvements

Multiple possible triggers exist for the veteran depending on how many homes a veteran owns or the number of refinances a veteran chooses to do over the life of that mortgage.

Health Care & Dental Treatment

  • Preventive, inpatient care services
  • Transplant, specialty, ancillary, home care
  • Women’s health
  • Dental services
  • Pharmacy and prescription drugs
  • Adapting your automobile to special needs

There are multiple possible triggers for this benefit, including a veteran’s initial application for benefits followed by maintenance forms such as submitting a medical claim for reimbursement or submitting specific medical reports as requested.


  • Upon your exit from the military with a disability
  • A sudden health event, like a heart attack or a stroke, that requires rehabilitation
  • Vocational rehabilitation, job training and employment accommodations
  • Helping start your own business
  • Independent living services

Several possible triggers exist for this benefit, including exit from the military with a disability; or a health event that requires rehabilitation (heart attack, stroke, etc.).  As would be the situation in case management, the filing of multiple forms are possible.


  • Supplemental, income -based pensions, tax-free, for veterans who are 65, or totally or permanently disabled, or meet other criteria
  • Veterans who require the aid and attendance of another person
  • Veterans who are house-bound

Veteran will need to file an initial application, or for a request for an increase, plus file maintenance forms that include annual income reports.

Life Insurance

  • Term life coverage
  • Family coverage
  • Traumatic injury coverage
  • Mortgage protection
  • Financial consulting for beneficiaries

After the initial purchase of the policy, the applicant will need to file annual maintenance forms for renewal or claim against the coverage.

Burials & Memorials

  • Burial, with honors
  • Burial flags
  • Headstones and markers
  • Interment in national cemeteries and markers in areas of national cemeteries
  • Burial allowance for indigent veterans

There is one trigger for this benefit for each person and several forms must be filed as part of the application process.

Dependents & Survivors Benefits

  • Tax-free dollars payable to low-income spouses and unmarried children of deceased veterans
  • Disability and indemnity compensation
  • Education and Training
  • Survivors’ pension
  • Education assistance
  • Civilian Health and Medical Program

In addition to an initial application for benefits, there is the potential for annual reports for income and maintenance forms for education and training.