Why You Should Hire Veterans

U.S. military veterans returning from tours of duty in Iraq, Afghanistan and other worldwide outposts not only need to find employment upon their return but need to have private industry, federal agencies and nonprofits as ready partners in their efforts.

And it’s not a token “thank you” for service but the basic understanding of the myriad, expert and important skill sets and values that servicemembers bring to the workplace.

“What these veterans have done has high value and matches with those employers who are looking for that talent,” said Avue Technologies Co-CEO Linda Brooks Rix. “Let’s make their return home a soft landing, especially those whose training, practice and expertise has been in the military, and those who have had a difficult time translating their military experience into a civilian context.”

That’s why VetsHQ.com is so important. It’s not just another veterans job site. We match veterans skills directly with the specific skills companies are marketing in their hiring searches.

Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families put together a white paper titled, “The Business Case for Hiring A Veteran: Beyond the Clichés.” What follows is their top 10 list:

  1. Veterans are entreprenurial.
  2. Veterans assume high levels of trust.
  3. Veterans are adept at skills transfer across contexts/tasks.
  4. Veterans have (and leverage) advanced technical training.
  5. Veterans are comfortable/adept in discontinuous environments.
  6. Veterans exhibit high-levels of resiliency.
  7. Veterans exhibit advanced team-building skills.
  8. Veterans exhibit strong organizational commitment.
  9. Veterans have (and leverage) cross-cultural experiences.
  10. Veterans have experience/skill in diverse work settings.

If you’d like to download a copy of the Syracuse University Institute for Veterans and Military Families white paper, click here.