What They’re Saying About the VA Reform Bill

What They’re Saying About the VA Reform Bill

The morning after: What they’re saying about the VA reform bill and its ability to change things for the better for our nation’s veterans.

Bipartisan deal would add billions for veteran care (USA Today)
Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., Chairman of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, said the veterans needed a quick response — and that a compromise needed to be reached before Congress leaves for August recess. “Taking care of our veterans is not an inexpensive proposition, and I think our members understand that,” Miller said. “We have a serious problem that needs to be resolved.”

Opinion: A Promising Deal on Reforming Veterans Affairs (The Wall Street Journal)
This is not only a moral imperative, it is sound economic policy. Veterans who receive inadequate mental-health treatment may become homeless, unemployable, a danger to the community or a public charge for the rest of their lives. Now is the time for Congress to establish a lasting commitment to public-private partnerships for mental health-care.

Negotiators predict easy passage of bill to overhall Department of Veterans Affairs (The Washington Post)
It’s a hopeful start to a week in which congressional leaders are expected to resolve several lingering issues before lawmakers head home for their five-week summer break.

The rising cost of veterans’ healthcare and benefits (The Los Angeles Times)
With spending of $138.8 billion last year, the VA is now among the largest federal agencies.

Editorial: Fixing Veterans Affairs (Chicago Tribune)
To enlarge the VA’s budget further, without serious reforms, would be a waste. . . . Congress has shown that it knows how to make the department bigger and more expensive. Can lawmakers now figure out how to make it better?