Your Daily Veterans News, 7/18

Your Daily Veterans News, 7/18

The morning veterans news report for Friday, July 18:

The New Veterans Administration Coverup Is Of Chapel Religious Symbols (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
VA hospitals are being accused of another cover-up: hiding religious symbols, like crucifixes, in their chapels as a way to achieve religious neutrality.

U.S. hearing aid sales gain 6 percent in June, led by veterans (Chicago Tribune)
Hearing aid sales to the VA rose 12 percent in June from June 2013, up from a year-on-year increase of 4 percent in May.

Georgia VA centers are timely with bonuses, not medicine for veterans (Washington Times)
VA medical centers in the Atlanta area doled out more than $2 million in employee bonuses over the past four years, but failed to properly maintain medicine carts, causing nurses at one center to administer drugs and treatments belatedly.

Resources for veterans looking to become entrepreneurs (The Hill)
There are 2.45 million businesses in the U.S. with majority ownership by veterans, and 12.2 percent of all owners of SBO-respondent firms are veterans.

Texas veteran assistance delayed by paperwork (Associated Press)
A disagreement between federal and local officials over housing assistance vouchers has kept many veterans sleeping on the streets or in shelters.

VA secretary: Albuquerque staff acted property (Washington Times)
Acting VA Secretary Sloan Gibson said staffers at Albuquerque’s VA hospital responded properly when a veteran died after collapsing in the medical center’s cafeteria.