VA Burial Benefit Increase for National Cemeteries

VA Burial Benefit Increase for National Cemeteries

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has announced the VA burial benefit and monetary allowance for a privately purchased outer burial receptacle will increase to $342 in 2017 for qualifying interments.

The VA defines an outer burial receptacle as a “graveliner, burial vault, or other similar type of container for a casket.”  As a result for burials in a VA National Cemetery, a monetary allowance may be payable. Outer burial receptacles, privately purchased and used in lieu of a government-furnished graveling, meet the requirement.

The monetary allowance equals the average cost of a government-furnished graveliner minus administrative costs to the VA. Conversely, the average cost of a graveliner was $351 with administrative costs of $9 for calendar year 2016.

The VA published the annual Federal Register Notice updating the VA burial benefit monetary allowance on December 7, 2016. Furthermore, you will find the entire notice at

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