Efficiency of Self-Directed Services

We believe in the efficiency and empowering technological qualities of self-directed services. It’s the foundation of VetsHQ and key to our mission to help all veterans and their beneficiaries get any benefits they are entitled to receive.

Self-directed services are a philosophy and practice that assumes veterans have the right and ability to assess their own needs, determine what their needs are and how those needs are met. VetsHQ provides veterans with the tools, coaching and assessments to do just that.

There are nearly 24,000 pages of federal rules and regulations regarding veterans benefits, 2,100-plus proof documents and 173 forms a veteran could potentially fill out.

It’s no wonder 60 percent of all veterans say they have little or no understanding of their eligibility for benefits.

After just 10 minutes online and a few questions answered, VetsHQ can assess for the veteran which benefits they are likely entitled to receive and quickly walk them or their family members through the benefit and alert them to any necessary or missing proof documents.

Self-directed services like VetsHQ offers is the reason greater numbers of veterans are choosing to take control of their post-military life and financial future. They’re taking an active role in seeing what their military service entitles them to receive.

Veterans understand that benefits are not part of a welfare system. Veteran benefits are a reflection of the monetary commitment that was made to each soldier, a commitment that would be there for them once they exited military service.

VetsHQ’s self-directed services speak to the independence, self-determination and strength of veterans — who can choose to add members of their family, caregivers or other veterans representatives onto their VetsHQ account, as well as work with VetsHQ partners like Veterans Service Organizations that can provide an array of claims certification and legal services on the veteran’s behalf.

Still, there are some veterans who prefer the current system in receiving the help they need. Though self-directed services are a fast-growing trend, they’re an option: you as a veteran can choose whether the traditional service delivery system or VetsHQ bests meet your needs.

We’re betting you like what you find as a member of VetsHQ. Sign up today!