Student Veterans-Massachusetts

Veterans of Massachusetts, as defined by M.G.L. ch. 4, s.7, clause 43, can be eligible for a tuition waiver (officially known as “categorical tuition waivers”) at any state-supported course in an undergraduate degree program offered by a public college or university. To be eligible, a veteran must also be a legal resident of Massachusetts and he/she must not be in default of any federal student loans.

Veterans will be eligible on a space-available basis for a waiver of full or partial tuition based on proper documentation of the eligibility of the veteran. Space availability shall be determined in accordance with normal practices and procedures as published by each institution, i.e., the individual college or university.

As to tuition waivers for graduate school, it depends on the institution. According to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 15A s.19:

“tuition waivers for graduate students shall be administered by each institution of public higher education. Said institutions shall annually and on a date specified by the council [of higher education] submit a written report to the board [of higher education] detailing graduate waiver policies and distributions of said waivers.”

Note: Tuition waivers generally apply to programs leading to a degree or certificate. Schools may exclude non-credit courses from any or all waivers and they may exclude night courses or certificate programs, which do not have state funding.

For more information, visit the Veterans Services website for the State of Massachusetts.

Welcome Home Bill:
Exempts Guard members from paying any fees while attending a Massachusetts public college or university. Already, they receive free tuition, but fees can account for as much as three quarters of the cost of a college education. The state, not the schools, will pay for the cost of the waivers.

Tuition and Fee Waivers for Guard Members:
The Massachusetts National Guard Education Assistance Program provides a 100% tuition and fee waiver for Massachusetts National Guard soldiers attending a state college, university, or community college program. Generally, these state-supported programs are offered during the day as part of a degree program. Your assistance can continue as long as you are in good standing academically and until you have reached 130 semester hours. The fee waiver is effective July 2006 and is not retroactive.

Upward Bound Program:
Eligibility: Veteran must have served at least 181 days of active duty military service. Discharge must have been ‘other than ‘dishonorable’, must be considered low income and first-generation college attendance.

Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Office of Veterans Education
454 Broadway
Suite 200
Revere, MA 02151
Phone: (617) 391-6072
Fax: (617) 727-0667

Massachusetts Division of Apprentice Training
P.O. Box 146759
19 Staniford Street, 1st Floor
Boston, MA 02114

Sources: Student Veterans of America, American Legion