Student Veterans-New Jersey

Military veterans from all states will qualify for in-state tuition at New Jersey’s public college and universities under a new state law signed March 23, 2015. The “New Jersey Tuition Equality for America’s Military (NJTEAM) Act” (A3967) implements a federal law requiring in-state tuition rates for recent veterans and expands it to include veteran’s spouses and children. Regardless of where they live, they will be considered New Jersey residents for tuition purposes.

New Jersey Veterans Tuition Credit Program:
Veterans attending any approved educational institution may apply for the Veterans Tuition Credit Program. Under the program, partial reimbursement is provided to the institution to offset the cost of the Veteran’s tuition. Maximum reimbursement is $400.00 per year for full-time students, $200.00 for part-time students.
Eligibility: To qualify, the Veteran must have been on active duty between Dec.31,1960, and May 7, 1975, and have been a legal resident of NJ at the time of entrance into or discharge from the service, or two years immediately prior to application.

New Jersey National Guard Tuition Assistance:
Pays up to 75% of tuition costs at accredited schools only with a maximum of $100.00 per undergraduate credit and a maximum of $170.00 per graduate credit. Tuition Assistance may not be used together with any other federal program (i.e., the GI Bill) Applications available at:
Eligibility: New Jersey National Guardsman (Army or Air) who must have completed initial active duty training, and be in good standing with your unit.

New Jersey National Guard Tuition (Waiver) Program
30 Participating State Schools. 100% tuition waiver (up to 15 credit hours per semester) at any New Jersey state (public), college/university, community college on a space available basis. Available through graduate level.
Eligibility: All members and surviving dependents of New Jersey Guard service members: Must apply for financial aid annually (FAFSA) Complete NJDMAVA Form 621-2-R “Commander’s Certification” every semester. Maintain academic standards set by the school. Each school has their own policies and procedures for administering the program. You must find out which office is responsible for the program and meet with a representative from that office before you register. This will ensure that you follow the school’s policy. For assistance at each school, contact the Veterans Affairs Representative, the Financial Aid Office or the Registrar’s Office.

New Jersey Department of Veterans Affairs
Eggert Crossing Road
P.O. Box 340
Trenton, NJ 08625-0340
Phone: 609-530-6849
Fax: 609-530-7196

Sources: Student Veterans of America, American Legion