Student Veterans-Oklahoma

No pending or existing state legislation.

Oklahoma National Guard Tuition
Waiver Program:

The program waives the tuition (additional fees not included) at state supported 2 and 4 year colleges.
Eligibility: National Guard service member and must be at least a half-time student. Program is for baccalaureate degree only.

State of Oklahoma Department of
Vocational Rehabilitation:

This is a program that is available to assist individuals with physical or mental disabilities. Services include testing, psychological evaluation, medical examination, and counseling services. In some cases Vocational Rehabilitation pays tuition, fees, books, and supply costs.
Eligibility: A veteran of the Armed Forces of the United States and a resident of Oklahoma.

P.O. Box 53067
Capitol Station
Oklahoma City, OK 73152
Phone: 405-951-3400
Phone: 800-845-8476
Fax: 405-522-4551

Sources: Student Veterans of America, American Legion