Who is eligible for C-123 Agent Orange disability benefits?

Who is eligible for C-123 Agent Orange disability benefits?

In addition to extending Agent Orange disability benefits to Air Force reservists who flew in Fairchild C-123 Provider aircraft following the Vietnam War, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has published a list of affected units and job series.

In a rule that took effect on June 19, 2015, the VA agreed to extend benefits to nearly 2,100 personnel based on contamination of the aircraft with Agent Orange residue in the years following the Vietnam War. Also, the VA expanded the rule to include others who may have been exposed — pilots, mechanics and medical personnel — who served at seven other locations: Florida, Virginia, and Arizona, as well as Taiwan, Panama, South Korea and the Philippines.

The following is a list of affected units, Air Force Specialty Codes, and dates of service for affected crew members.

Reserve Members

Pittsburgh International Airport, Pennsylvania, USAF Reserve Station
Dates: 1972-1982

  • 758th Airlift Squadron (AS)
  • 911th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron (AES)
  • 911th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (AMS)

Westover AFB, Massachusetts (Westover Air Reserve Base) and Hanscom Field AFB, Massachusetts
Dates: 1972-1982

  • 731st Tactical Airlift Squadron (TAS)
  • 74th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron (AES)
  • 901st Organizational Maintenance Squadron (OMS)

Lockbourne/Rickenbacker AFB, Ohio (USAF Reserves, Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base)
Dates: 1969-1986

  • 355th Tactical Airlift Squadron (TAS)
  • 356th Tactical Airlift Squadron (TAS)
  • 4413th Combat Crew Tactical Wing (CCTW) [Ferry Flights]

U.S. Active Duty Units

Hurlburt Auxiliary Field, Eglin AFB, Florida
Dates: 1970-1973

  • 1st Special Operations Wing (SOW)
  • 4410th Combat Crew Tactical Wing (CCTW) [Ferry Flights]

Langley AFB, Virginia
Dates: [1962-1963], 1970-1973

  • 4500th Air Base Wing (ABW) [Aerial Spray Flights]

Luke AFB, Arizona
Dates: 1970-1973

  • 56th Air Base Wing (ABW)

Overseas Active Duty Units

Tainan Air Field, Taiwan
Dates: 1969-1970

  • 309th Special Operations Squadron (SOS)
  • 310th Special Operations Squadron (SOS)

Howard AFB, Panama
Dates: 1970-1973

  • 24th Special Operations Wing (SOW)

Osan Air Base, South Korea
Dates: 1970-1973

  • 51st Air Base Wing (ABW)

Clark AFB, Philippines
Dates: 1969-1970

  • 405th Fighter Wing (FW)

Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSCs), 1969-86

Per the VA, the below numbers are a listing of AFSCs that potentially identify former reservists and active duty personnel with regular and repeated contact as flight, medical, or ground maintenance personnel associated with C-123 aircraft, post-Vietnam. Code numbers during the operational time frame generally consisted of four digits (with additional number/letter suffix) and many were officially changed during the time frame of operations. As a result, VA has said it will accept any relevant evidence showing the required regular and repeated contact.

Officer AFSCs

  • Pilot/Copilot, Transport and Tactical Airlift: 1043 – 1055
  • Flight Nurse: 9761 – 9766

Enlisted AFSCs

  • Flight Engineer/Aircraft Loadmaster: 1130 – 1149
  • Aircrew Life Support Specialist: 1220 – 1229
  • Aircraft Maintenance Specialist/ Flight Technicians: 4313 – 4359

Veterans who meet these criteria and who are experiencing any of the presumptive diseases, illnesses or conditions for exposure to Agent Orange are eligible to submit a claim for disability benefits. If you have previously submitted a claim and were denied, the VA’s action on June 19, 2015 constitutes “new evidence” that would allow you to submit a new claim to the agency.

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